Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jean-Daniel Braun - liner notes update

I sent out a public plea for help in finding information about Jean-Daniel Braun... I want to release this recording of his 24 Solos (1740) on Halloween, but have not been able to find any substantial information.  I decided to also ask for help in writing the liner notes... I figured that the same person with the skills to discover information probably would have the skill to string the words together quicker than I would!

My undignified FaceBook bleat brought helpful bassoonists out of the woodwork and I offered the task to Dave Wells of Sacramento State University... he possesses a handy combination of degrees (musicology and bassoon performance) and an intrepid spirit.  He reports that information is thin on the ground but he has a few leads and has ordered some facsimiles... with any luck, a story will emerge!


Anonymous said...

A few year's ago, I had a conversation with a french bassonist, who vas my son's teatcher, M. Rapoport you perhaps knows, who told me he was looking for some information about this Jean Daniel Braun. He told me he was going to register some solos also.
Unfortunatly, i can't help you for this search... who seems to be quite a mysterious man, but i find the coincidence quite funny. Good luck..and thank you for your music, i heard by chance..

Catherine Nier

Nadiva said...

Hi Catherine,
Thanks for your thoughtful note! David Wells actually produced full notes for me with more information than I thought possible! The CD was released in October 24 and the liner notes are on my website
All the very best,