Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to Make a Recording - Make a List Part 2 (performers)

Making lists are my first step to creating any reality.  After that, I look for really gifted people to help launch my balloon.  I mentioned my basic list in an earlier post (How to Make A Recording - Make a List) ---  my first list is ALWAYS the performers.
I chose the players long before I had decided on exactly which Vivaldi Concerti I wanted to record.
In fact, I made a list of performers 10 years ago.  With some slight alterations in the interim, it's now happening.  If I can weave a web of ongoing connections, we will tour this idea and music in 2012/13.
All of these musicians have brought me incredible pleasure from their solo performances... there is an enormous range of age and some of them I see only once per year  --- I have known some of them as students, all of them as leaders.  Spirit is everything.
A quick google search reveals interesting stuff and I just grabbed what came up first... if you don’t know these people (but you probably do), they are really worth hearing.

Nic McGegan - leader & keyboards
Aisslinn Nosky - violin
Julia Wedman - violin
David Rose - viola
Ed Reifel - percussion
David Bowles - engineer

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