Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kevin Hearn concert and best birthday ever

Yesterday was the best birthday ever...

Got up, got in the truck with my son with capuccino and croissants, drove out to the Elora-based studios of engineer Ed Marshall to edit for another few hours on the new project.  Then Jake and I went for outstanding sushi in Fergus then ran across the street to I Love Chocolate to buy out the display case of homemade chocolate... this is the best stuff I’ve had ever (I’m sure of it).  We got in the truck and bolted for London, hoping to make the 7:00 start time for the Kevin Hearn
concert at really beautiful London Music Club  I want to play at the London Music Club!  Turned out we weren't late at all as the evening opened with a fine young singer, Liz Coyles singing charming yet somehow too familiar songs of youth (yawn).  The room seems friendly to accoustic instruments but it was fantastic for the rock-out plus soft-spoken surprising fantastic poetic virtuosic musicianship of Kevin Hearn and his excellent band Thin Buckle (Chris and Bob, last names coming later), singing stuff from all their albums including the new release Cloud Maintenance.  My friends came and my kid liked the music. Drove back to Toronto listening to the half dozen CDs I bought of Kevin’s music... he sold them for $5 which made it really necessary to buy all.
Jake said I shouldn't eat so much of the chocolate but he understood why I bought the CDs.

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