Monday, January 16, 2012

Tour - Day 2 - Concert in Regina

Up at dawn yesterday to work out in the spacious, ornate, Victorian fitness room of Hotel Saskatchewan, then met with Guy and his parents for Sunday brunch in the old-worldy dining room.  Back to the room to make a reed... climate much drier here!!  We had a sound check and Guy had his first experience playing on the Chinese-built Hailun 7' grand, meticulously tuned by Dennis Weist who also represents this instrument in Canada.  CTV came in to film some of our rehearsal and interview us for the 5:30 news.
Back to the hotel to collect gowns and makeup, then back to the hall to strap into first dress of the evening.
First concert of the tour went very well and our stories had a new audience who didn't mind that we ended after 10 pm!  Signed lots of CDs, met many musicians, including 3 bassoonists (Alan Denike and students)!!!  Went to the pub with friends and drank cranberry juice and laughed a lot.
Gotta get on a plane now to Calgary.

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